Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Bitch in the Kitch is Back!

Yes, my little bloggy chums, like Frodo after his run-in with Mount Doom, I am back!

I took a break - a loooooooooooooooooooooooong break - which was nice, as my life has changed unimaginably in the year and a half since my heart went out of blogging.
"Like what, DJ?" I hear you ask.
I sigh. I take a sip of my Twinings Earl Grey tea (some things haven't changed!) and wring my napkin.
"Well, where do I begin?"

BIG Changes

1) McGonnagle and Bubba Ho-tep are BOTH at school now! In fact, Ho-tep has almost finished his first year at school! Where the time has gone I have NO IDEA, but what it does mean is:

2) I'm not Skint anymore. Both Skint Vegan Dad - who I am renaming 'R' for bloggy purposes - and I are working now! I do a job I love, dealing with lots of different kinds of people and lots of different kinds of situations so it keeps me stimulated, keeps me busy and most importantly, means we are now financially comfortable.

3) Also, our family - though still eating a predominantly vegan diet, and still adopting the same attitudes towards non-food items that we always have - is not Vegan. It was a BIG decision moving away from what we had been used to for so long, but it was one we felt we had to take and has in no small way influenced my decision to re-jig this blog a wee bit!

So this blog is NO LONGER about how I cope raising two mini-vegans in a one-income household.
As the title suggests, our circumstances might have changed, but we can still walk the same kinda walk we always have.
It's about how we try to go through life living as sustainably as we can, buying second-hand where possible, growing our own veggies, making our own ginger wine for Xmas, eating delicious vegan food and saving our money towards our future hopes and dreams in the manner that one of my favourite - but now retired - bloggers, Frugal Veggie Mama, always strove to.
Whether those dreams are more tattoos (Me), a working camper van (R), an entire summer spent camping, a semi-retirement spent fixing classic cars for others for pay or that off-the-grid hemp farm with the rammed-earth farmhouse....
I still take inspiration from the same places - Kyrs and her amazing family, Melody and her inspiring journey and Theresa and Andy, my favourite Townsville vegans and Penny in her little Perthshire idyll. My Google reader is as full as ever.
So onwards and upwards we go...