Thursday, December 18, 2008

Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies - Christmas Homemade Pt 2

What happened to all those cutouts from our stained glass window cookies? Why, we dipped them in festive coloured icing and crumbled some candy canes on top and sent them along to McGonnagles' Judo Christmas Party.
We used the sugar cookie recipe from 'The Garden of Vegan' and a simple recipe of icing sugar, soya milk, maple syrup and red food colouring for the decoration. They were a nice addition to all the crisps, sweets and chocolate crispie cakes that a legion of overexcited kids got stuck into at the end of their lesson!


  1. wow, those are the cutest ever! i am so stealing the icing and all!!

  2. Go for it! They were very popular!

  3. Oh how cute!! I'm working on a list of blog posts about cute homemade Christmas goodies, and this is SO going on the list!

  4. yum!
    those are adorable.
    happy holidays to you too!

  5. Great use for the cutout centers! And I do love peppermint-flavored sweets... Mmm...

  6. River - So excited to be on your list!
    Niecey - pink's the best!
    Meghan - hello, stranger! Nice to see you're back!
    Hannah - peppermint is one of the flavours of Christmas, in my mind!

  7. I always assume candy canes arn't vegan due to the red stripes (because of this countries obsession with using cohineal so that they can claim ' all natural colourings') but I guess I should stop assuming and start checking!
    Another wonderful offering from you and your super kids!

  8. Jeni - thanks!!
    Becks - all the colours in these candy canes were extremely synthetic and not tested on animals - unless you count my two....

  9. I'm LOVING those, they are super cute. I've been looking for candy canes everywhere to decorate christmas stuff with but not had much luck this year. Last year they were everywhere!

  10. Sal - I found mine in Superdrug, after a long search!!

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